Watts Water Quality Solutions

Big-Bubba® Single Cartridge Filter

Big-Bubba® Single Cartridge Filter

Made entirely of reinforced polypropylene, this non-metallic filter housing will not dent, rust or corrode. Heavy-duty construction for pressure ratings to 150 psi (10 bar). Specifically designed to accept one, single cartridge with proprietary threaded cap for superior sealing, improved performance and critical filtration applications. Convenient, swing bolt lid closure is standard.


- Whole house filter for sediment, cyst, taste, odor and organic chemical reduction
- Sea water filtration where non-metallic construction is required
- Commercial & industrial applications where economy is desired
- Pre RO filtration
- Surface water filtration
- General filtration requirements

Features & Benefits

- Will not dent, rust or corrode
- Rated for pressures to 150 psi (10 bar) and temperatures to 125° F (60° C)
- Easy to install because pipe fittings are readily accessible
- Compact design allows for duplex or multiple housing installations
- Convenient swing-bolt lid closure
- Single cartridge for quick cartridge installation and change-out

Replacement Cartridges for Big-Bubba Filter Housings

ingle cartridge elements with propriety end caps for superior sealing and performance. Available in a wide range of micron ratings for a variety of applications.

Note: Big-Bubba housings will not accept Flow-Max jumbo cartridges.