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Handheld multimeter capable of measuring pH, Conductivity, PTSA, Temperature, ORP and a Free/Total Chlorine Colorimeter uniquely designed as a multimeter for cooling water applications.


Handheld multimeter capable of measuring pH, Conductivity, PTSA, Temperature, ORP and Flourescein for boiler water applications.


Traced water for industrial/commercial cooling towers and boilers.


  • Waterproof Bluetooth Enabled potted battery powered pH/ORP Module
  • pH/ORP Battery Module Added Wireless Communication Capable uPyxis APP & SP-910
  • Intelligent sensor aging and/or humidity detection capability.
  • Record up to 8G historical data with a calendar time mark and options to set up sample location information
  • Long battery life - 10,000+ readings
  • Auto Compensation for Color & Turbidity Contamination = Precise Measurement
  • Brightness Adjustable Color Screen with Parameter Locking-in Function
  • Wireless Diagnosis & Calibration of Pyxis ST-500 (PTSA) & ST-525 (Fluorescein) probes
  • Optional Body Pump Guard w/Belt Clip

Downloadable Files

2021 Pyxis Product Catalog2021 Pyxis Product Catalog
SP-600 Spec SheetSP-600 Spec Sheet
SP-710 Operation ManualSP-710 Operation Manual
SP-710/710B Spec SheetSP-710/710B Spec Sheet
SP-710B Operation ManualSP-710B Operation Manual



Flourometer measures the concentration of a fluorescent substance in a liquid sample [PTSA (0-300 ppb)]. These meters have a built-in sample cell and samples can be directly filled into the cell.


Dual-channel flourometer measures PTSA (0-300 ppb) and Conductivity (0-15000µS/cm)

• Cooling tower fluorescence tracing
• Environmental monitoring


  • Extra color and turbidity parameters measured are used for automatic compensation to eliminate interference.
  • No sample cuvette is needed and variations associated with the cuvette is eliminated.
  • Large color graphic screen that can be read in direct sunlight

Downloadable Files

SP-300 and 400 Series Spec SheetSP-300 and 400 Series Spec Sheet
SP-350 Operation ManualSP-350 Operation Manual
SP-360 Operation ManualSP-360 Operation Manual
SP-380 Operation ManualSP-380 Operation Manual
SP-400 Operation ManualSP-400 Operation Manual

3-in-1 Water Analyzer

All-in-one convenience 3 in 1 Device: Flourometer/Colorimeter/Turbidimeter


  • Measures PTSA and Fluorescein in the same meter for your traced programs in cooling and boiler applications.
  • Battery life of six months or more under typical usage.
  • Equipped with higher resolution LCD readable in direct sunlight.
  • Calibrate a nearby ST-500 via build-in Bluetooth after measuring sample concentration. No laptop or any other tool needed.
  • User defined programs supported with non-linear calibration curves. 60+ programs including reagent-less nitrite and chlorine dioxide measurement.
  • Turbidity range extended to 0-100 and 0-1000 NTU with auto ranging. 16mm tube adaptor available for programs requiring digestion. The SP-910 talks to your smart phone for firmware upgrades and data log transfers.
  • PTSA determination immune to color and turbidity interference.

Downloadable Files

SP-910 Operation ManualSP-910 Operation Manual
SP-910 Spec SheetSP-910 Spec Sheet