Quantrol Corrosion Coupon Racks

Coupon Racks


Corrosion coupon racks are used to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of water treatment programs against corrosion in cooling towers as well as chilled and hot water systems. Our racks meet ASTM specifications and are hydrostatically tested prior to shipment. Choose from PVC or black iron in 2 or 4 station configurations.

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Corrosion Coupon Racks BrochureCorrosion Coupon Racks Brochure

3/4" Schedule 80 PVC


  • Use with chilled or cooling water
  • 140°F Maximum Temperature
  • 150 Maximum PSI
  • Quick release PVC coupon holders with nylon screw and nut
  • Mounted to polyethylene panel

3/4" Black Iron


  • Use with hot, chilled or cooling water
  • 212°F Maximum Temperature
  • 250 Maximum PSI
  • Threaded black iron/steel coupon holders with stainless screw and nut
  • Mounted to polyethylene panel