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The LS-202 Ultrasonic Level Transmitter is an innovative ultrasonic liquid level sensor that replaces float, conductance and pressure sensors that fail due to contact with dirty, sticky and scaling liquids in small, medium and large capacity tanks. These liquid level sensors can be used in either open or enclosed tanks. The sensor provides continuous level measurement up to 78 inches (6.6 ft. or 2m) with a 4-20 mA signal output, RS485 and Bluetooth digital output, and can be configured via Pyxis free uPyxis® APP. This battery powered, and Bluetooth digital output enabled level sensor is perfectly suitable for the applications where wires are difficult to layout saving end users substantial monetary benefits during installation. This noncontact liquid level sensor is well suited for corrosive liquids, and can be used for cooling tower, boiler day tank, other chemical feed applications.


Ideal for use as water level sensors, water & process chemical tank level sensors, liquid level transmitters, or other applications requiring accurate and continuous liquid level control or liquid level measurement.


  • Dual embedded transmitters in sensor body for selection – 4-20mA or RS-485 supporting MODBUS
  • Bluetooth® Version 4.1 for measurement result output and configuration
  • Bluetooth Range - 100+ ft Line of Site
  • A 1.3’’ OLED and 4 push-buttons for measurement result display and configuration
  • Two power supplies: 4 AA alkaline batteries or 24VDC external power, and smart switch capability
  • Battery life up to 1 year thru using our ultra-low power design and smart power management
  • Easy and quick configuration via uPyxis® APP in mobile phones
  • Can be paired with Pyxis BTA-100 Bluetooth gateway to output 4-20mA
  • PVDF transducer and 6P polycarbonate enclosure for corrosive liquids
  • Automatic temperature compensation for accurate measurement

Downloadable Files

2021 Pyxis Product Catalog2021 Pyxis Product Catalog
LS-202 Operation ManualLS-202 Operation Manual
LS-202 Spec SheetLS-202 Spec Sheet


The Pyxis LSP-100 is a pressure based submersible level sensor. It provides continuous level measurement up to 393-inch (32.8-ft. or 10-meter) with a 4-20 mA analog and Bluetooth digital output. It can be configured via the Pyxis uPyxis® app on mobile phones or computers and records up to 6 months of inventory data for wireless transfer via the app to email. This battery-powered and Bluetooth-enabled level sensor is ideally suited for applications where signal/power wiring may be difficult or unavailable to install. This submersible liquid level sensor is well suited for water, waste water, oil, and other non-corrosive liquid. LSP-100 may be installed in top of tank format or with the LSP-100 Wall Mounting Bracket for easier visibility.


Ideal for use in water level, chemical level, process liquid level or other applications requiring accurate and continuous liquid level measurement or control.

Downloadable Files

LSP-100 Operation ManualLSP-100 Operation Manual
LSP-100 Spec SheetLSP-100 Spec Sheet