UV Disinfection

NeoTech Aqua Disinfection Series

NeoTech Aqua Disinfection Series

NeoTech Aqua Disinfection Series is specially designed to disinfect water and is an essential component in advanced oxidation processes.

These high efficiency UV systems use NeoTech Aqua's patented ReFleX chamber technology, reflecting over 99% of the 254 nm UV generated. They are the highest efficiency, smallest footprint and lowest operating cost systems in the water treatment industry.


  • Maximum UV Penetration--ReFleX chamber technology maximizes UV distribution and efficiency
  • Fewer bulbs means lower power consumption and maintenance costs
  • No Flow No Problem- lamps can operate for up to 60 minutes without water flow
  • NSF 50 standard certified
  • May be mounted vertically or horizontally.
  • Flow capacities from 30-200 gpm with a single lamp. Additional lamps and multiple units available.

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NeoTech Aqua Solutions Disinfection SeriesNeoTech Aqua Solutions Disinfection Series
High Efficiency UV Disinfection for Water